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  •                                     The Bob Steenlage Iowa High School Wrestler of the Year Award

  • Attitude of Gratitude

    Without exception, the most important human quality that a person can possess, that will contribute to their long term happiness and success, is to develop an in-depth “Attitude of Gratitude”

  • Baranta Health

    You will get at least 15 proven health benefits to include, Increased Energy, Sharper Focus, Joint Support, Cardiovascular Support to Optimal Fat Burning! I highly, highly recommend you try them!

    Dr. Matt Silver talk about these products in this short intro.

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    Dr. Ron Friedman interviewing Rick H.
    AM/PM Talk with the Formulator:


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    Here is my testimony on the team call:


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    My Baranta Testimonial

    In the last 6 months I developed Shingles from the stress of Vietnam PTSD nightmares. VA doctors then discovered I had severe Lyme Disease from being bit by a deer tick; and then discovered I had Melanoma Cancer in my right cheek.
    During this time of great stress, emotional and physical exhaustion, and lack of sleep, I started on Baranta Health products, after being told they would help me sleep and overcome stress.

    I slept through the night for the first time in 3 months, and have had only one nightmare since!




    Bobs new Grandson 2017 John Michael!

    After five cheek surgeries, the doctors have declared me cancer free, commenting how my basic health, from taking these health products, has greatly contributed to my phenomenal resistance and recovery from three very serious health challenges; At Age 73, I am very very, very thankful!!!


    Dr. Ron Friedman, a very close friend of mine, developed these outstanding Baranata Health products that have helped so many people, with the help of the Sr. VP of VitaQuest International, Rick H.


    You will get at least 15 proven health benefits to include, Increased Energy, Sharper Focus, Joint Support, Cardiovascular Support to Optimal Fat Burning! I highly, highly recommend you try them!



    • Spoke in over 2,500 schools, colleges, corporations, military bases, parents meetings, & prisons from 1989 – 1998, as a professional speaker

    • Inspiration, Choices, How to keep your “Cup Half Full”

    • How to be a Better Parent

    • How to Think properly

    • Over-Coming Obstacles

    • Character, Drugs & Alcohol

    • How to Live Longer with a Better Quality of Life

    • Be Responsible

    • Speaker upon request from 1998 to the present

    • 13 years experience as a science/math teacher & coach

    • 40 years experience as a Sales/Marketing Rep–Top 1%

    • 4 years as an officer in the US Army; resigned as a Captain (2 years in grade)

    • Platoon Leader & Company Commander in Vietnam 1968. 4th Infantry Division

    • Awarded the Bronze Star Medal

    • Every 20th of Bob’s West Point Class of 1966, killed in Vietnam. Every 6th wounded or maimed. These stats are the worst of any West Point class in any U. S. war.


    • Personal biography Fighting Back, written by nationally known author, Mike Chapman (Sixth Printing)
    • Featured in “Profiles of Champions” in the book, From Gotch to Gable & in the Illustrated History Book of Sports at the U. S.Military Academy (West Point)
    • Bob’s West Point class featured in the best-selling book, "The Long Gray Line, the American Journey of West Point’s Class of 1966"; (4th printing)
    • On various radio and TV programs
    • Was graduated from the army’s elite Airborne & Ranger Schools
    • Captain of West Point’s Wrestling team; undefeated in duel meets all 4 years
    • 1966 NCAA Div I All-American Wrestling Team
    • 1959-1962 Iowa’s first ever Four-Time State Wrestling Champion 
    • 2003-Named top sports moment in history of sports at Britt, Iowa
    • 2005 Inductee Iowa Wrestling Hall of Fame  www.iowawrestlinghalloffame.com)
    • Member of the Glen Brand Wrestling Hall of Fame of Iowa
    • Named in 2005 by the Des Moines Register as one of the top 100 Sports Moments in Iowa in the last 100 years (1st 4-Time Wrestling Champion)
    • Bob Steenlage Exhibit in the Dan Gable International Wrestling Institute & Museum in Waterloo, Iowa
    • Eagle Scout with the Boy Scouts of America, Britt, Iowa



    • 1966 U. S. Military Academy (West Point) graduate with Bachelorof Science Degree in Engineering
    • Graduate Courses from Roosevelt University in Chicago,Minnesota State University, U. of WI–La Crosse & Eau Claire Campus


    Married 50 years, as of June 16, 2016.
    children, ages 48 to 31. Wife: Bobbi, former teacher at Britt. Blessed with eight children,ages 47 to 31 (includes an Orthopedic Surgeon;  Assistant General Council for John Deere Corp, Veterinarian, Media Specialist, Doctor’s Specialist, and Large Construction Co. owners & builders of Anchor Builders (http://anchorbuildersmn.com)

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